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There are some lyrics, and in some cases, various corresponding audio files, to go along with the songs which I have either written by myself or co-written with others (as noted). Also, in other cases, there are cover tunes I've done which were not written by me. You can filter songs by genre below, and then, click on each song to hear it, and in some cases, when there are lyrics, you can read the lyrics.

The songs here vary, style-wise from folk to country, to country/folk, to Christian, to easy listening, blues/rock and then pop. Be sure to check back soon, since I'll probably be adding more.

A little history here -- I started playing piano in the 3rd grade while I was in elementary school at John Quincy Adams Elementary. By the time I was 13, I found that I wanted to do more. I started getting saxophone lessons, but I only played a couple of years because I found what I liked even more than the rest was guitar. My father showed me a few chords, but he knew he couldn't keep up with what I wanted to know, so he got me guitar lessons. I only did that for a month because I could learn what I wanted to know by ear, since I already had the basics of theory and music learned. I taught myself how to play lead guitar by listening to my favorite records. Thank you to Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, by the way. I was able to (when needed) play country leads from having listened to Jimi Hendrix. I know that may sound strange to some, but it's true.

In high school, I joined my first band, and played until I graduated. At about that same time, I started writing songs. It wasn't really a choice because the songs just came to me. So I had to do something with them. Sometimes, they came in the form of melodies, while some came to me lyrically. Either way, I had no choice but to complete what I could.

I went to college and learned what I could at what is now the University of North Texas. But my father was paying for it and said he wouldn't pay for an education in music because he had already found that would never lead anywhere (Of course he never took into consideration that songwriting could be a part of it). I played numerous copy bands on and off for about my first 25-30 years of marriage and when I could, I'd pitch my music to different publishers and recording companies by both mail and in person, but my family was still my first priority and I had a hard time creating enough time to do both. I still always wanted to play my own music. I recorded songs I'd written in my office at home and by the time I got in my last band, though we were playing some of my songs, it wasn't progressing as fast as I really wanted OR needed, so, being worn out, I just gave up playing in local night clubs altogether. I still wrote a few songs, but it was never at the level I wanted. That leaves me here - so now, you can play some of these songs and see what you think.

Big News!!
I have 5 albums that are now live and may be either bought or streamed individually in ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and others.

And, of course, many of my songs are available for purchase and streaming on REVERBNATION and SOUNDCLOUD.

The Album Listing Page (Including a list of all services which will allow you to either stream or purchase the albums)

Here's where you can come in. On the Album Listing Page, they're listed with links on various music streaming services. You can either buy or stream them from the various services, like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. Even if you don't feel inclined to buy any of my music, if you subscribe to any of the streaming services listed, do me a favor by playing my music there as often as you can. I don't get very much (one hundredth or a thousandth of a cent) each time they're played, but if you tell two people and they tell two people all about my music, and ask them to do the same, it would help me go out with a blast! Just search for/find my music and let it play all night with the sound off - that would really help :)

All songs (Music & Lyrics) written by David Wier have copyrights registered in Washington, D.C. © DMW 1992-2024
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444 Days In Hell
A Hot Summer Night
A Journey
A Perfect Christmas Day New!
Ad Dominum
And With Your Spirit
Anticipation New!
Basement Full of Blues New!
Before The Last Heart Breaks
Bittersweet - Remix
Breath of an Angel New!
California Buy Yourself a Beer New!
Chase The Wind
Cookies and Milk
Dead Man's Blues
Desperate Hearts
Dreams of Love
Etude for Piano #1
Forever Yours New!
Forget About Today New!
Forgive Them Father
Freight Train Blues New!
Get Out of My Life Woman
Got It Goin' On
Happily Married In Houston New!
Heartbreak Blues New!
I Love That Woman (Blues) New!
I Never Saw It Comin'
I Want To Be a Memory
I'm Fixin To Have a Broken Heart New!
I'm Proud To Be Living In the USA New!
If I Was a Gamblin' Man
It's All Over But the Cryin' New!
It's All Over Now New!
It's Not Supposed To Be That Way
It's The Wrong House
It's Time To Go Now New!
Just Beyond Your Touch
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
La Mano Del Dios New!
Lisa's Theme
Lonely Nights New!
Mama Needs a Little Daddy Tonight
Out On the Highway (Blues) New!
Quiet Passion
Right Now I'm Glad New!
Rio New!
Sands of Time
Someone Is Askin'
Take Another Chance on Love New!
Temptation in Bm
The Kangaroo Song
The Last Goodbye
The Return
True Love
We Are the Righteousness of God in Jesus
When You Really Love a Woman (Blues) New!
Who Threw The First Stone?
Without Your Love New!
You're Drinkin' My Heart In Two New!
Your Eyes New!
Your Love New!
(David Wier)



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