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Desperate Hearts
(David Wier)

Verse 1:
Sally learned a little too late - he wanted to leave
Didn't want no ties - no kids - hangin' on his sleeve
Money was tight - it was hard to cope
She started thinkin' - she had no hope
Verse 2:
Joe was losin' his job - (he was) losin' his wife
The bitter pain cut deep - it cut like a knife
He kept hangin' on - he couldn't let go
Couldn't see ahead to new turns in the road
Chorus :
Her world's fallin' down - his is comin' apart
Planning Desperate acts - `cause they're desperate hearts
Who knows why they might do what no one could approve
They're just desperate hearts feeling lost & confused.
Verse 3:
Sally took her kids out - for a long last ride
No farewell kisses - no sad goodbyes
Just left them out in the dead of the night -
Knowing what she did wasn't right
Verse 4 :
Joe lost control - one hot summer day
He hit his wife real hard - to make her pay
For all the pain he felt in his life
For that short time he thought he was right
Chorus :
Her world's fallin' down - his is comin' apart
Desperate acts - from desperate hearts
Who knows why they do what no one could approve
They're just desperate hearts feeling lost & confused.