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Someone Is Askin'
Someone Is Askin'
(David Wier)

Chorus :
Someone is asking why?
Someone is asking how?
Is it you or me?
If it isn't - well, it should be.
Verse 1 :
The simple things are past - The times the way they are come so uneasy
It used to be the harder that you worked - the better of you'd be.
There's a man on the street - crying out to God - "Why me?!!"
There's another in a high rise wondering why things aren't the way they should be.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2 :
We've gotta start to care - reach out & help if only just a few.
Everyone must look around & make a stand - it's what we've got to do.
If there's a person without food - feed him on your own - you just can't wait.
If there's someone who needs help and you can do it - go ahead - it's not too late.

Repeat Chorus

Someone Is Askin'

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Someone Is Askin'